New life for Ancient Arts

At the Horsemen of Eire we're committed to bringing history to life, sharing hard won knowledge with the world in fun and exciting ways. For many historical cultures martial arts were a key expression of who they were and the times they lived and give an insight into mindset and way of life of those who learnt and taught them. We practice historical combat in a variety of forms and for a variety of ends, in full contact competition, for fun and fitness and in screen and stage combat, but wherever it all has it's origin in hours of background research.

Where it all comes from


The martial arts of past cultures left traces in many ways, in some we are even lucky enough to have the written manuals on the techniques and systems. Others there are only wall paintings and accounts of the combat to go on. Whatever it may be these systems have left indelible marks on our pop culture, from the brutal battle drill of the roman centurion, the mighty lance and sword of the knight, the sheer size of the greatsword, the lightning speed of the duellists rapier and dagger, the elegance of the sabre. Fighting systems the products of generations of training, preserved in historical manuscripts.

The last 20 years have seen a communities grow up around the study of historical martial arts around the world. A movement in which many of the horsemen have played their part.

Lessons and Private Training